Faculty / College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Nageswar Rao Chekuri

Professor, Mathematics and Sciences

Dr. Chekuri, a professor of physics, serves as a faculty member in Mathematics and Sciences, and as a Fellow in the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IETL). Throughout his career, he has been a researcher and teacher. His primary passion has always been improving his and his students’ learning and accordingly improve his teaching.

He started his career as a theoretical particle physicist and constantly has been changing his fields depending on where his interest takes him. As a particle physicist, he worked on certain Soliton solutions, SU(6) models and O(3) non-linear sigma models. As an educator, he worked on physics problem solving models, Bloom’s taxonomy, various learning theories including social and emotional theories, phenomenological primitives, resource theory of learning, research based instructional designs, and epistemological theories. As he acquires more knowledge in learning and teaching, he modifies his instructional designs and tests those in the classroom. At this point, several years of his experience and understanding of various learning-recalling theories and instructional methods lead him to see the unified nature in those learning theories and teaching systems. He is currently working on project Toward unified learning and teaching systems, a joint project with the IETL. He is currently interested in neuroscience learning theory and non-linear dynamic developmental skills theory, and implementing those in his teaching.


M.Sc, Electronic
M.Sc, Theoretical particle physics
Ed.D, Science education)

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