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Mercedes Coffman

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology

Mercedes Coffman has 5 years of experience working as a therapist at Cri-Help, a non-profit organization specializing in addiction rehabilitation. She has worked closely with addicts/alcoholics and their family members to resolve childhood trauma, abuse, and grief. While working there, Mercedes also facilitated many recovery-focused groups for women, and families. She currently runs her own private practice in Burbank, working with individuals, couples and families strugglin  Ling with mental health and interpersonal conflicts.

For the past 4 years Mercedes has taught courses at Woodbury University with a focus on the clinical aspects of the Psychology field; such as Intro to Counseling and Psychology of Addiction, where students get a better understanding of the skills and requirements for careers in Psychology.

Mercedes was a feature relationship expert in a recent article on Psychology Today titled: “How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship- 6 ways to manage insecurities and build healthier connections”   Link to article


MA-Clinical Psychology (Marriage & Family Therapy), Pepperdine University
BA- Psychology, Woodbury University

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