Faculty / School of Architecture

Ivaylo Getov

Adjunct Faculty,
Department of Applied Computer Science

Ivaylo Getov is the cofounder and Technical Director of Creative at Luxloop, a creative-technology studio based in Los Angeles and New York. There he works with artists, institutions and brands to enable unique public experiences that surprise and delight audiences. Coming from a documentary filmmaking background, Ivaylo later became fascinated with exploring how technology and storytelling can come together in unexpected ways, and how it could be used to bring people together into shared narrative experiences outside the confines of a screening room or device. He combines a filmmakers’ toolkit with AR/VR, app and web development paired with physical installation and experience design to discover the future of media.

In his personal practice, Ivaylo is a Media Artist struggling with the lack of a good word to encapsulate what he does. Some adjectives that have been used to describe him include: Director, Coder, Artist, Photographer, Designer, Programmer, Cinematographer, Producer, Teacher, Consultant, and Karaoke Enthusiast.

Across both his personal and studio work, Ivaylo has created tech-enabled art and experiences that have showcased at galleries and museums around the world. He has had work featured by The Verge, Creators Project, Tribeca Interactive Playground, TEDxLausanne, and the New York Times.


BFA in Film & Television, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

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