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Dori Littell-Herrick

Adjunct Faculty, Animation
School of Media, Culture & Design

Dori Littell-Herrick spent 28 years in the animation industry as an artist, production supervisor, assistant director, and creative executive.  As an animation artist, her credits include The Little Mermaid (Disney Studios), Ferngully the Last Rainforest (Kroyer Films), National Lampoon Christmas Vacation title animation (Kroyer Films), and various commercials including iconic characters such as Trix Rabbit, Keebler Elves, Tony the Tiger, Dig’m the Frog, and Raid Bugs. As a production supervisor and assistant director, Dori worked on Osmosis Jones (WB), Quest for Camelot (WB), Ren and Stimpy (Metrolight Studios) and animated commercials for Disney classics characters including Winnie the Pooh and the Seven Dwarves (Simex Studios, Pepper Films).  As a producer in development at Warner Bros Feature Animation, Dori managed the creative development of feature films and short projects.

Dori joined Woodbury University in 2005 a chair of Animation, and was director 2007-8 of the new School of Media, Culture & Design.  She helped write the Title V grant that launched the departments of Filmmaking, Media Technology and Game Art & Design, and was Activites Director from 2010 to 2014.  She has taught the team-based animation production class, Junior Studio, for the last 10 years, and now teachers the freshman course, Animation Principles.  Currently, Dori serves on the board of ASIFA-Hollywood, the largest professional animation organization.  She is also a founding member of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Educators Forum, which distributes scholarships to animation students around the world. Dori is committed to sharing the art and craft of animation with the next generation

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