Faculty / School of Architecture

Carlo Sturken

Adjunct Faculty

Carlo Sturken is a designer and academician based in Los Angeles, California. His recent work emphasizes techniques of defamiliarization to explore unusual readings of aesthetics in architecture and visualization. Using artificial intelligent machines both as a tool and co-creator, recent works examine the unpredictable nature of machine learning tools as creative agents and questions the qualitative evaluation of aesthetics in language. Exhibition works such as A City’s Playground was featured at Atelier Gallery in San Francisco, Gathering was featured at the SPUR Gallery in San Francisco, Odd Aggregations in Conversation with Mark Foster Gage was a live showing in the DTP Show, and Living with Disaster: Stories of Seven Regenerative Cities which he co-curated was featured at Nihombashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo. His works have been published in The Urbanist in November 2015, the ACADIA Conference in 2021, ASCA Conference in 2022, and Offramp in 2022. He is also co-editor of Offramp Issue 18: Publics, co-editor of FireCity FireLand: Towards Regenerative Urbanism, and chief editor of Regenerative Urbanism (scheduled to release in 2023).


Master of Science, Southern California Institute of Architecture

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