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Portfolio resources for Architecture & Interior Design Graduate and Transfer Students

Studio placement is determined based on demonstrated proficiency and related courses completed.


For transfer students, advanced studio placement is not guaranteed. Your portfolio should demonstrate the level of placement you hope to achieve, including renderings using drafting software with which you are familiar.

For further questions about your transfer portfolio and our admissions process, contact our transfer admissions counselor, Cynthia Cifuentes at [email protected]

For further questions about your graduate portfolio and our admissions process, contact our graduate admissions counselor, Justin Stadel at [email protected]

Architecture portfolio criteria

Interior design portfolio criteria



Our Portfolio Workshops are recommended for transfer and graduate applicants who are interested in learning best practices for portfolio presentation and receiving feedback from faculty. We typically host a workshop in the fall (mid-November) and one in the spring (mid-February, just before the priority deadline of March 1st).
Check here for upcoming admissions events, including Portfolio Workshops.

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For examples of student work at Woodbury University throughout the studio sequence, refer to our online publishing platform below.

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The Architecture and Interior Design programs at Woodbury involve sequences of studio courses. If you would like to shorten your time at university, you would need to have taken several college-level studio classes and focus on your portfolio for advanced studio placement. Typically, studio classes are broken into two parts at the community college level: 3 credit hours of architecture/interior design studio, and 3 credit hours of design communication/computer drafting (Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD, etc.), per semester.

Articulation agreements

Portfolios may be submitted through Slideroom by clicking the button below. Submissions are limited to 15 uploads at 10MB each. However, each upload may be a multi-page PDF grouped by project, class, etc.

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Most high schools do not have architecture or interior design course offerings, so Woodbury does not require a portfolio for first-year students. High school applicants focus on transcripts, personal statements, and letters of recommendation. However, if you would like to submit a portfolio, you can do so by clicking the button below.

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