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Woodbury is embarking on an exciting new chapter in our journey, one that promises boundless possibilities, in merging with the University of Redlands. This strategic partnership brings together two institutions with shared values, offering expanded resources and opportunities for our students and our alumni community. As we merge strengths, we’re committed to enhancing alumni experiences, fostering new connections, and creating a dynamic platform for collaboration.

With this merger, Woodbury alumni can anticipate a host of benefits, including expanded networking opportunities, access to additional resources, and joint alumni events with the University of Redlands. Together, we’ll explore new pathways for professional development, mentorship, and lifelong learning.

Your support and enthusiasm are essential as we continue Woodbury’s history of excellence into the future. Together, we’ll shape a vibrant and interconnected alumni community that thrives on collaboration and shared success. Thank you for being an integral part of the Woodbury

Growing Together & Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Woodbury University is excited to announce that our offerings and alumni benefits will be more enhanced as we integrate with the University of Redlands.  This historic integration marks an amazing opportunity for alumni like you. We understand you may have questions so we’ve put together a dedicated space to share more information around the University of Redlands. 

Woodbury University & The University of Redlands

Woodbury University and the University of Redlands are a solid match with complementary educational programs and experiences. As with Woodbury, nearly half of the student body at the University of Redlands is first-generation, and more than half represent minority populations. The University of Redlands also shares a philosophy of smaller class sizes and strong career and professional support, creating a comprehensive educational experience.  

In addition to some of the amazing services and opportunities Woodbury can offer, we’re thrilled to share some other great opportunities this partnership can provide.

Expanded Learning Opportunities

In addition to a beautiful and historic campus roughly an hour drive east of Burbank in Redlands, California, the University of Redlands also includes campuses in the Bay Area and Austria, as well as study away opportunities in Europe, Central and South America, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Asia. 

Cultural Exchange Programs

The University of Redlands also has a heritage that includes more than 50 Fulbright and Gilman international students, representing two of the most prestigious cultural exchange programs in the world that foster improving intercultural relations, diplomacy, and competence between the United States and countries around the world.  

More Robust Career Services

In addition to some amazing resources offered by Woodbury, the University of Redlands also boasts one of the strongest career services in Southern California, matching students with top companies and a supportive alumni network throughout the region. The Redlands Office of Career & Professional Development (OCPD) provides internship and career support, including a network of more than 50,000 alumni working in highly recognized, leading companies, serving in public office, and making a splash in entertainment. 

Webinars & Workshops

We offer monthly webinars to our alumni community featuring industry thought leaders, subject matter experts, and entrepreneurs joining us to share their stories and insights.

Alumni Forum Recorded Video

This video is from the Alumni Forum that took place virtually on May 1st, 2024. You can also access a PDF version of the slides by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the Fall of 2023, Woodbury approached the University of Redlands to consider the feasibility of merging. After a detailed, multi-month study and announcements of intent to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of both institutions, a definitive agreement was signed in January 2024 confirming that the merger would proceed.

Woodbury selected Redlands for the clear alignment of mission and values. Both Universities are designated Hispanic Serving Institutions, have an emphasis on community service learning, are embracing sustainability education within academic programs, among many other commonalities. Woodbury’s strengths will bolster Redlands as much as Redlands’ strengths will uplift and continue Woodbury’s legacy of excellence.

After the agreement of intent, Redlands and Woodbury have gone through the important steps with our WSCUC accreditors who have approved our steps forward. In June 2024, Woodbury will become a subsidiary of Redlands but will maintain its independent institutional status. At that time, our institutions will submit the request to merge to the federal Department of Education which will review the request for approval over an extended timeline (estimated two years) due to the complexity of the programs housed under each University.

Upon approval from the Department of Education, the merger will go into full effect, with Woodbury joining the University of Redlands. Graduating students thereafter will have a University of Redlands degree. The physical campus in Burbank will be an extension of the University of Redlands.

If the merger is not approved, Woodbury will remain a subsidiary of Redlands but will maintain its independent institutional status.

Both institutions intend to ensure that the name “Woodbury” is honored. There are several recommendations that will be considered and approved by the Board of Trustees in the coming months and years until the merger is completed.

Current students will not see immediate changes this coming academic year while we await approval from the Department of Education. Students will still receive the same high-quality education and opportunities promised upon enrollment. Additionally, tuition for current and prospective students at Woodbury will be honored for the duration of their programs and will not increase beyond the typical annual tuition increase that already occurs at Woodbury. Over time, students will see more opportunities to access classes at both Universities to broaden their academics.

As the merger finalizes, we anticipate that there will be changes to academic programs and administrative operations, but every change will be researched, evaluated, and assessed before being enacted. After the merger, tuition, financial aid, and scholarships will align with the University of Redlands, and many students will see more opportunities for financial aid.

The University of Redlands has no intention of selling the Woodbury campus. There is a loan on the campus that requires the campus to continue in that location. Redlands sees the value to students and the Burbank community in the beauty, location, and history of the campus, and looks forward to opportunities for cross-campus collaboration.

Along those lines, Redlands does not intend to change the names of any spaces, buildings, classrooms, or locations on campus, many of which are named for people important to Woodbury’s history and have generously contributed to the school’s benefit.

Woodbury has seen a great deal of academic changes since its past as a for-profit business school to its present as a non-profit design school. We do expect that there will be more changes to come and each of those changes will be carefully evaluated to ensure that it will strengthen the University and best serve students in their academic and professional goals.

To date, only one program – the professional writing program, has been closed due to low enrollment, and the master’s in organizational leadership is currently paused. There are several duplicative degree programs between Woodbury and Redlands, and we are evaluating the best ways to integrate those programs to ensure that they are of the greatest benefit and access to current and prospective students.

Redlands and Woodbury do not anticipate a significant increase in online classes for undergraduate students as both institutions believe in the value of hands-on experiential learning. We expect to maintain a healthy mix of in-person and online courses for graduate programs based on the broad preferences of graduate students to ensure optimal learning and enrollment.

Woodbury and Redlands each have the same main accreditation from WSCUC, and therefore accreditation will remain intact during and after the merger. Accreditations on individual programs and schools, such as Woodbury’s remarkable AACSB and ACBSP School of Business, will remain intact and the Deans are working with the individual accreditors to ensure that Redlands and Woodbury can share and maintain those accreditations well into the future.

All alumni degrees and academic records will remain valid throughout and after the merger process. Transcripts and adjustments can be requested through the National Student Clearinghouse as outlined on our alumni resource page. If you graduated before the final merger, your transcript, whether requested through Woodbury or Redlands, will confirm that you have a Woodbury degree. Additionally, should an alumni wish to have their diploma updated after the merger is finalized to reflect the University of Redlands instead of Woodbury University, they can request that at that time, but it is not necessary as the Woodbury University degree is still valid.

Yes. The merger does not affect your student loans and eligibility for loan repayment and forgiveness programs. Please continue to work with your loan provider and refer to the Federal Student Aid website to determine your student loan options.

During and after the merger process, the University of Redlands looks forward to continuing to partner with the Woodbury team to actively keep current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and alumni apprised of updates with in-person events, newsletters, email, and updates to the webpages. Additionally, the Woodbury alumni will benefit from having more support from a larger staff based on the University of Redlands campus in addition to the staff on the Woodbury campus. Our goal is to keep our alumni community engaged and involved with events and volunteering opportunities to support our graduates and current students with networking opportunities, career development, and social activities.


Sharon Townsend, DSW, MPA

Senior Director of Development & Alumni Affairs
Phone: 818.252.5213
Email: [email protected]

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