Woodbury Ranked in the Top 20 Architecture Schools Nationally

BArch and BFA Programs Rise in the 2018 DesignIntelligence National Rankings

The 2018 DesignIntelligence Report has been released, and Woodbury School of Architecture’s undergraduate programs have once again moved up in rankings for both the architecture and interior architecture programs. The Bachelors of Architecture program has been ranked 18th in the nation, moving up from the 23rd spot last year. The program has been ranked in the top 25 in the nation for three consecutive years. At the same time, Woodbury’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture was ranked 12th in the nation – yet another rise after being ranked 15th last year. Both placements highlight the value and impact that the School has on student learning, engagement and success.

“That both our architecture and interior architecture programs have risen in rankings are significant achievements that underscore Woodbury’s commitment to ensuring that our graduates are prepared for professional practice,” said Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, AIA, Dean of the School of Architecture. “Our faculty are fully engaged in exploring new ways of educating our students and responding to changes in pedagogy and the profession. Congratulations to our students and alumni, our faculty and staff, in Los Angeles and San Diego!”

For more than 15 years, the DesignIntelligence Report has been the definitive school ranking in four key disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and industrial design. The rankings are considered important measures of success and progress for undergraduate and graduate architecture programs. As part of its 18th edition, the survey queried over 2,500 hiring professionals from nearly 2,000 professional practices. As DI notes, much upward movement occurs when schools effectively communicate their value to professional practices. The 2018 rankings combined survey responses with detailed accounts of the best programs that teach skills in design, communication, sustainability and technology.

2018 DesignIntelligence Ranks BArch 18th Nationally

The Bachelor of Architecture program was rated 18th in the 2018 DesignIntelligence survey of the nation’s Top 25 undergraduate architecture programs, rising five spots from the 2017 rankings. With more than 140 accredited undergraduate architecture programs in the United States, Woodbury’s program continues to rise in the rankings. With campuses in Los Angeles and San Diego, the hands-on curriculum prioritizes ethics through sustainability, civic engagement and new technologies.

BFA in Interior Architecture Ranks 12th Nationally

Over the past few years, the Interior Architecture program has risen dramatically in rankings. Having not placed nationally since 2009-10, last year it ranked 15th out of more than 190 accredited interior programs in the country. This year it rose again, rated 12th in the 2018 DesignIntelligence survey.

Randall Stauffer, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, further explained what the ranking means for the interior architecture program, stating that “the increased ranking reinforces the quality of the department and the strength of its current chair, Christoph Korner. Having taught in the program for over 25 years it is evident the curriculum is not only staying current with the needs of the profession, but plays a critical role in advancing the body of knowledge in the design of the interior environment. The program’s ability to teach students that human relationships and interactions in the places they inhabit are the foundation of good interior design. This is seen in the student projects, the faculty research as well as the interaction that occurs between the two. I’m sure the program will continue to grow in quality as they explore new and innovative ways of designing the interior environment.”

Woodbury’s IPAL Program Available to Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students

In 2015, Woodbury’s Architecture program was accepted by the National Council of Architects Registration Boards (NCARB) as one of only fourteen schools in the country whose students will now have an opportunity to achieve architectural licensure upon graduation. Woodbury is one of the only schools of architecture where the IPAL program is available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

About Woodbury University

Founded in 1884, Woodbury University is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Southern California. The Woodbury School of Architecture is a network of hubs strategically sited between Los Angeles, San Diego and Hollywood. Together, these sites form a critical infrastructure for architectural investigations. The school’s undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture and interior architecture train students as entrepreneurs, architect citizens, and cultural builders.



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