Christoph Korner Named IDEC Academy Member-At-Large

Chair of Interior Architecture Christoph Korner has been selected by the Interior Design Educators Council to serve as a Member-At-Large for a two year term. IDEC Academy members-at-large respond to critical needs for interior design educators in specific ways intended to encourage practitioners to enter the field of education. They also assist junior faculty members in advancing their careers as interior design educators. Christoph joins IDEC Academy members Mary Ann Frank and Shelby Hicks.

The mission of The Interior Design Educators Council, Inc. is the advancement of interior design education, scholarship, and service. The IDEC Academy promotes the value and dissemination of education that continues beyond the traditional higher learning of interior design professionals so that all may be inspired, protected and served by the environments in which they work, live and play. IDEC Academy’s objective is to support the professional development of interior design faculty and to assist in attracting design professionals to successful careers in interior design education. The Academy seeks to make educational resources available to IDEC members, design professionals, and to the public through continuing education content. The Academy also facilitates the creation of continuing education content for professional and personal well being and aids in the acquisition of interior design knowledge competencies.

Christoph Korner received his degree in Architecture and Urban Design from the Technical University in Braunschweig, Germany, followed by a MArch from UCLA with an emphasis on History and Theory. Since then he has been a part of GRAFT, an award winning design firm with offices in Los Angeles, Berlin and Beijing. Projects range from Master Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Exhibition Design, to Product Design. In addition his work has been exhibited and published on several occasions and he authored articles and books.


Image Courtesy GRAFT


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