Woodbury University Game Art & Design Program Ranked Among Top in Nation for 2020

Woodbury University’s Game Art & Design program was recently recognized as one of the top in the nation by Animation Career Review magazine, a leading industry resource for people aspiring for careers in animation, game design, graphic design, digital art, and related fields.

Woodbury ranked number 20 nationwide on the list of Top 25 Schools and Colleges with Game Design BFA Programs.

In preparing for its eighth annual 2020 Game Design Rankings, Animation Career Review considered over 136 schools with game design programs from across the U.S.

The criteria used for the rankings consists, in no particular order, of the following:

  • Academic reputation
  • Admission selectivity
  • Depth and breadth of the program
  • Value as it relates to tuition and indebtedness
  • Geographic location
  • Employment data
A note from Animation Career Review on geographic location as a ranking factor:

As we researched schools and spoke with working professionals in the industry, it became increasingly more evident that the location of a school matters in the fields of animation and/or game design, perhaps more so than in many other professions. Students who attend school in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Austin, and a few other cities have a distinct advantage over students in other parts of the country in terms of full-time employment, networking opportunities, internships, free-lance gigs, and career specific part-time work. Does that mean you must attend school in one of these cities to work in the animation or gaming industry? Absolutely not. But schools located in these cities do offer real advantages that are less available elsewhere. So keep in mind that we are taking geographic advantages into account in our rankings.


Learn more about Woodbury’s Game Art & Design Program.

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