Woodbury School of Architecture Participating in Context 3

Woodbury School of Architecture is participating in Context, Volume 3, on June 2, 2016 in San Diego – a forum and expo created by the San Diego Architectural Foundation. The event is designed to keep the conversation alive about the value of excellence in the built environment.

This year’s event turns the spotlight on the San Diego Bay. Along with the Port of San Diego, presenters will share information and enable a discussion about the Port’s 50 Year Vision Plan, which is guiding and informing the Port’s Master Plan Update for the 5,500 acres of public tidelands around the bay. The Bay belongs to all Californians and Context is a platform for them to expand their knowledge and to have their voices heard.

Woodbury School of Architecture will participate in the free information expo at the Port Pavilion at Broadway Pier from 2pm to 5pm that is part of Context, Volume 3. This civic engagement event allows people to network with local businesses, city and port representatives, developers, planners and designers who all have a stake in implementing the vision for San Diego Bay.

For more information about Context, Volume 3, and to get tickets, visit the San Diego Architectural Foundation website and watch the video below.

Context vol.3 / Teaser from SDAF on Vimeo.

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