Woodbury Business School Student Named Vice-Chairman of Burbank Young Professionals

David Manikad, Woodbury University Business School student  (BBA-Management), has recently been named vice-chairman of The Burbank Young Professionals (BYP). David has demonstrated leadership skills throughout his college career as past-president of the Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, and Senator for the School of Business in the past year.

Thanks to his aspirations to make a difference in the community, David acquired interest in BYP early this year, with the aim to establish networks between students and local business professionals, developing career fairs, hosting presentations from business leaders on campus, as well as offering the use of campus facilities for various Burbank-based business events.  Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed a number of envisioned activities, David’s involvement in BYP grew, ultimately resulting in his current position.

BYP was developed by the Burbank Chamber of Commerce as a way to unite young, motivated, community-minded business leaders and help them connect with each other and build their business networks in the process. The organization aims to provide the next generation with the business resources and opportunities they need to become the next leaders for our community.

Last Updated on December 15, 2020. 

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