Woodbury Alumni Mentor High School Students at STEM Academy Hollywood

Woodbury School of Architecture is expanding outreach in Los Angeles through a new mentoring program for high school students in partnership with the STEM Academy of Hollywood. The goal is to give students greater insight into careers in architecture, and to help them build connections to the profession. The program also provides a way for alumni to give back.

A majority minority institution, Woodbury University’s core mission is access and transformation through education. Advocating that good design is a human right, the School of Architecture produces graduates who affirm the power of good design to improve the built environment and the lives of others. Embracing this partnership as part of its vision of shaping the future of practice, the School of Architecture aims to empower high school students through inspired and high-impact learning initiatives. This innovative partnership includes college studio courses for high school students, the development of a work-based Learning Continuum, and a mentorship program for high school students to partner with alumni.

Beginning this Fall, mentoring relationships will develop through roundtable conversations about career pathways and purpose, a building walk-through, a charrette exercise, firm tour, and more, with the final meeting at the Currents Exhibition and End of Year Celebration at Woodbury on Sunday, May 3rd: 4:30-6:00 pm.  The program aims to continue next year, and there are still opportunities to participate this year. Heather Flood, Chair of Woodbury’s architecture program in Los Angeles, is working with Catherine Roussel, Woodbury School of Architecture’s Director of Outreach, to develop the mentorship program between Woodbury University alumni and STEM Hollywood Academy students. The program connects high school students with practicing architects and interior designers across Los Angeles. 

“By giving high school students the chance to connect with architects, we hope to build relationships that can give students the confidence to pursue their chosen field,” said Roussel. “We’re very excited by the partnership with the STEM Academy.” The mentoring program is open to Woodbury School of Architecture alumni.

Please contact Catherine M. Roussel, AIA for further information.

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