UrbanRock Featured in CODA Magazine

Professor Jeanine Centuori and Russell Rock of UrbanRock Design recently completed Across the Market, Below the Sky, Up the River, a plaza design featured in CODA magazine’s The Magic of Color IV issue. Realized as a space that would embrace the context of Redding, California, the project centers on downtown redevelopment.

Across the Market, Below the Sky, Up the River was created around several components: a river-like bench, flora and fauna emblems, a water element that engages the existing fountain, ground pavers referencing the once and future businesses, and shade structures with images of Redding from the sky. Together, these components comprise a story of the nature and culture of Redding. The project celebrates the removal of the roof over the mall and the reintegration of this pedestrian space with the nearby urban fabric. The associated art plan indicates a series of media-based art projects that employ the sets of concrete columns that once supported the roof. These columnar groupings would become loci for unique art installations.

CODAmagazine features work across the commissioned art economy. Their stories and projects aim to raise awareness about environmental and social issues, educate about the importance of innovation and creativity, and highlight community engagement. The magazine’s commissioned art projects showcase beauty and transform spaces to live, work and play.

Featured Image: Across the Market, Below the Sky, Up the River by Russell Rock


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