The School of Business and the Center for Entrepreneurship Host Second Lecture

The School of Business and the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted the second Entrepreneur Lecture as part of its series, featuring Lee Wochner, CEO & Creative Strategist of Counterintuity, LLC, a creative marketing agency in Burbank.

The School established the Entrepreneur Lecture Series tradition in the Fall of 2016, to offer students from all Woodbury Schools the opportunity to attend three to four lectures, provided by local entrepreneurs. This initiative coincides with Woodbury University’s strategic principles of design thinking, civic engagement, transdisciplinarity and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Wochner gave a splendid presentation on the importance of promptness, the power of listening, and the need to continue developing and nurturing creative skills.

He engaged the audience in an exercise asking them to share why they believed Woodbury University was such a great school to attend. Definitions such as beautiful, small, friendly, welcoming, evolving, focused, amazing, motivating, different, fancy, affordable, and unique were repeatedly mentioned by the students and faculty members in attendance. Mr. Wochner then surprised his audience by producing a powerful statement about Woodbury University on the spot, based on the opinions shared.

With this exercise as a foundation, Mr. Wochner underscored the importance of paying attention and listening, stating that these skills are the most effective way toward learning and connecting.

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