Woodbury School of Architecture Students Develop sofA Journal Under Guidance of April Greiman

A group of Woodbury School of Architecture students developed a journal for the school. Under creative guidance of influential thinker and artist, April Greiman, the student group worked over the course of the year to pull together content as well as layout for a new journal called sofA.

“The name of the journal, sofA, is an extension of the acronym for the Woodbury University School of Architecture. The work that is presented is not intended to convey all that is happening in our school, but may bear witness to a few conversations that are ongoing,” explains Marc J Neveu, Los Angeles Architecture Chair. “The name, of course, is also the name of a piece of furniture and one that is ubiquitous in architecture studios. It’s a casual place for a late night conversation to begin and lead to new ways of thinking. It’s a place to lie down for a bit; to sleep (and to dream). It’s communal. Anyone can sit on it. There is room for everyone at some point or another. And, if you care to look, you might find a treasure hidden in the cushions.”

One of the student editors, Stephanie Newcomb, submitted the journal for the 2016 Douglas Haskell Award – an award for student journals sponsored by the Center for Architecture and AIA NY. Woodbury University is happy to announce that sofA won first prize, which includes a $2,000 award. The money will help fund a new issue.

Greiman congratulated her class on the award, “I am so pleased that sofA was met with success and that my classes were so great to persevere to the point of receiving the grant. I could not be more proud, nor encouraged!”

Many of the students who worked on the journal have graduated. Woodbury School of Architecture is looking for students who are interested to work on the journal in the next academic year. The goal is to continue working on the journal until it is ready to be put into print and perhaps even publish on the Woodbury University website. Interested students can reach out to Marc J Neveu.

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