Student Animated Shorts to be Screened at Palm Springs Animation Festival

An image from Fly
An image from Hero

Four animated shorts from the 2018 senior class of Animation students have been selected for the 2018 Palm Springs International Animation Festival & Expo (PSIAF). Screenings will include work by Sean Casey, Chris Castillo, Tucker Joneson, Andrew Hill, and Madison Shafer.

  •  Fly by Sean Casey is the tale of a handicapped bird’s efforts to fly and the support he receives by his inventive grandpa.
  • Vigilante by Chris Castillo is a contemporary story of abuse and retribution by a pair of female protagonists.
  • Hero by Tucker Joneson and Andrew Hill is a flashback to a mild-mannered employee’s past and his desire to get involved in the present.
  • Squatch Out by Madison Shafer is the cautionary tale of being too distracted by one’s handheld device.

Each year the PSIAF receives over 2,700 unique film entries from more than 100 countries. They select approximately 250 titles — including shorts and features — that showcase the breadth of the art form.  Judging is based on the cinematic virtues of storytelling, humor, heart, ideas, originality, visual interest, craftsmanship and diversity.

The festival runs from August 22 — 26, 2018.

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an image from Vigilante
An image from Squatch Out
Squatch Out
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