Spotlighting Graduates with Minors in the College of Liberal Arts

Paola Perez

Professional writing minor, Evelyna Nazari, enjoys crafting stories for the young adult audience. “I just have to listen to the inner child in my heart,” says Evelyna. “Her stories are whimsical, well-developed, and have the perfect tone for this audience,” says her Fiction Writing instructor, Laurel DiGangi. Evelyna will be graduating with a BFA in Game Art and Design, and a minor in Professional Writing. After graduation, she will be applying for designer or production assistant positions in the game and animation industries, creating more merchandise for her Etsy brand, and of course, writing.

Samson Levi and Paola Perez both graduate this spring with minors in urban studies. Samson, an architecture major, demonstrated high achievement across his URBS courses, taking a particular interest in the unequal impact that polluted air, water, and other environments have on California’s more vulnerable communities.

In the Food and the City course, he researched the challenges California’s Central Valley farmworkers face in accessing healthy drinking water, and in The Infrastructural City Samson took a deep dive into L.A.’s waste history to analyze how landfills and trash incineration have historically been located closer to the city’s low- income communities of color. His work stands out for identifying how climate change and social justice must both be considered when analyzing public policy and the problems facing our cities.

Paola entered the Urban Studies Program early in her career at Woodbury and maintained a consistent interest in urban infrastructure, particularly from a sustainability perspective. Her research on green roofs for the Alternative Housing course and bikeable communities for a class on infrastructure were particularly strong. Paola identified the broad range of courses in environmental sustainability, food justice, and urban infrastructure as a reason for taking the URBS minor. Her work volunteering to help those experiencing food insecurity will stay with her the most, however. “This was one of the most humbling and fulfilling educational experiences I’ve encountered,” she says. Paola graduates this year with a BBA in accounting.

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Last Updated on May 6, 2021. 

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