School of Business Organizes Entrepreneur Lecture with Elena Scholl

On April 11, Elena Scholl, CEO of Ballancer® Systems USA, lectured to the Woodbury community as part of the School of Business’ Entrepreneur Lecture Series. A large and highly-engaged audience was drawn to her entrepreneurial story — staying long after the session to discuss various developments in the area of physical wellness.

Scholl is a Woodbury MBA alumna (Class of 2010) who came to Woodbury after being named a Fulbright Scholar in 2008. Upon graduating, she worked with prominent sports celebrities in the US before returning to her home country of Germany. During the lecture, she shared that she has held many jobs over the course of her life, and despite being less than passionate about some of those jobs, she now realizes how each of them helped to prepare her for the work that she is doing today.

From 2010 to 2017, Scholl worked as a Business Development Executive at Ballancer®, where she thoroughly learned about the business of healthcare. Today, she is an expert on lymphatic health and recovery. She is inspired by her grandmother, who lived to the age of 102 and maintained full health throughout her life.  Scholl founded Wellness Technology LLC in 2017, thus becoming the CEO of Ballancer® Systems USA. She is the sole representative of the Ballancer®Pro for the US, Canada, and Dubai. She is passionate about helping individuals feel and look their best, while achieving optimum health with the Ballancer®Pro.  She now works with the most trusted wellness centers, recovery labs, doctors, professional sports teams & athletes, as well as aesthetic clinics in the US and Europe.  The FDA cleared and patented the technology behind the Ballancer®Pro, which originates from the medical field and is backed by decades of clinical research and proven results.

By sharing her journey, from being turned down for jobs several times, to finally being given a chance to become the US representative for Ballancer® Systems, Scholl revealed her zesty sense of perseverance, persuasion, and leadership. She also shared a number of powerful takeaways learned in terms of entrepreneurial lessons:

  • Action causes reaction: If you put in the work the results will be undeniable and inevitable.
  • The more you dare to step outside your comfort zone, the greater the reward will be.
  • Be authentic and helpful with everyone, you never know what will come your way. Don’t sleep on your own contacts and the resources within your network/friendships.
  • Make sure that what you do comes from the heart.
  • It’s ok to say “No” sometimes.

Over the past two years, Scholl has demonstrated how business intelligence, expertise, and a kind, open-minded attitude can propel a business that was considered unattractive and non-existing to great heights in the United States.

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