Reza Ali on Experiments in Generative Art & Creative Design Tools

Applied Computer Science Lecture Series

The Applied Computer Science Lecture Series features practitioners from a wide range of creative and scientific fields, all of whom incorporate applied computer science and technology at the core of their professional inquiry. Open to the entire Woodbury community, the lectures aim to foster dialogue around the increasing role of technology in society, its application across a diverse range of professional practices, the resulting explosion of creative and expressive modes of production, and the ethical and moral dilemmas that have emerged as technology has evolved.

Reza Ali is a computational designer, software (graphics | ui | ux) engineer, and (visual | spatial) artist. Reza is deeply passionate about graphic & motion design, computational geometry, novel creative | design tools, visual & spatial computing & communication and all things generative, procedural, computational, and algorithmic.

Reza is currently freelancing for Apple. He was previously at Google full-time as a UX Engineer inside of Daydream, and before that, he was writing Drone Navigation Software at Skycatch, a full-time artist residence at Autodesk, YCAM. He has also completed commissions for Dolby, Ok Go, and other companies. In 2010 Reza earned a Masters of Science in Multimedia Engineering (with a focus in Visual and Spatial Arts) from Media Arts and Technology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.   

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