Photographs of the Salk Institute Taken by Woodbury Students

Shape, Shadow, Space

November 05, 2016 through January 31, 2017

In conjunction with the exhibition Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture, the San Diego Museum of Art has partnered with Woodbury University School of Architecture in San Diego to present twenty architectural photographs depicting one of Kahn’s most renowned works, the Salk Institute in La Jolla. The images were created by Anne Garrison’s architecture students at Woodbury and the variety of scenes exemplifies the visual richness of the Institute.

Situated in the gallery adjacent to Louis Kahn, this installation creates a dialogue with the retrospective exhibition, allowing the visitor not only to come away with a rich appreciation of the artist, but also to see through the eyes of the Louis Kahns of tomorrow and, perhaps, find a fresh perspective.  See more information about the exhibition.

In addition to the photographs shown in the gallery, Anne Garrison will be leading two architectural photography workshops in iconic Balboa Park on November 19 and December 10.

Image courtsey of Salk.edu.

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