MSJ Cohort Presents in Tucson

This past weekend members of the 2016 MSJ class travelled to Tucson, Arizona to present at the Crossroad Talks, officially known as, the 26th Annual Graduate & Professional Symposium on Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Literature, Language & Culture at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Phil Gibbons captivated the audience with the telling of his vision for the creation of more engaging educational tools with his thesis Some Very Famous People. The audience was privy to a selection from his Che Guevara podcast highlighting little known facts behind the life of the enigmatic military leader and the truth behind the publication of the most famous image circulated worldwide. Waleska Santiago presented her short documentary Sweet Venom, a hard-hitting foray into the serious health and environmental risks behind the use of pesticides in her native of Brasil and their impact in the west. I, Monique Lyons, was proud to present my thesis, MySurvivorVillage.org, a virtual community dedicated to the transformative power of the Latina cancer journey. In the end, MSJ rocked the house with an extremely dynamic, media centric presentation at the Crossroad Talks Symposium.

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