Marc Neveu: New JAE Issue on Scholarship of Design

The 70:2 issue of the Journal of Architectural Education was recently published on the theme of Scholarship of Design.  Marc Neveu, Chair of the School of Architecture at Woodbury University in Los Angeles, serves as executive editor of the biannual peer-reviewed academic journal.

This issue is the second volume this year that has been named ‘open.’ While the open call was made in 2015, the topics of the essays in this issue are uncannily appropriate given the post-election debates taking place in the architecture. As AnnMarie Brennan and Saundra Weddle, the co-editors of this issue wrote in their introduction, the themes of the essays in this issue “coalesced around the potential ability of design to bring about social and political ‘openness.’ The open call for papers seemed to ignite a call to arms, reminding us of the collective power of architecture and urban design in an age that is constantly geared toward satisfying individual desires … In these essays, architecture was not merely background, but rather a key actor in creating change and establishing a new social order.”

The JAE has been the primary venue for research and commentary on architectural education since it was founded in 1947, making it the oldest continuing operating journal of its kind.

The issue can be accessed on the new JAE website at www.jaeonline.org.  Image courtesy of JAE Online.

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