Marc Neveu: New JAE Issue on Production

The 71:1 issue of the Journal of Architectural Education was recently published on the theme of Production.  Marc Neveu, Chair of the School of Architecture at Woodbury University in Los Angeles, serves as executive editor of the biannual peer-reviewed academic journal.

Examining the role of the architect in the production of a building, the issue explores how post-industrial architectural production can benefit from a broader perspective of what it means to build. Questioning whether the impact of buildings and the role of architects are better for the advances in technological production, the issue looks at how the discipline can have more agency in the production of architecture. As theme editor Ryan Smith notes in his introduction, the issue “investigates architectural production from the perspective of its contingencies and influences on broader networks for which architecture has impact: social, economic, political, and environmental systems. It reflects upon production technique not only as individual materials or components, but as linkages between artifact and performance, as well as their engenderment and societal effects.”

The JAE has been the primary venue for research and commentary on architectural education since it was founded in 1947, making it the oldest continuing operating journal of its kind.

The issue can be accessed on the new JAE website at www.jaeonline.org.  Image courtesy of JAE Online.

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