La Tuna Canyon Fire Update

While the La Tuna Canyon fire hit close to home, fortunately, the Woodbury community was not physically impacted or displaced. Recent reports indicate that the fire, which burned across Glendale and Burbank, is nearly 100% contained and no longer poses a threat to the surrounding communities. We’d like to thank Woodbury faculty, staff and students for their cooperation in handling the unexpected circumstances and ensuring the safety of our community.  We have an emergency response strategy in place, including evacuation plans, should we need it in the future.

Post Fire Awareness/Tips

Wildlife on Campus

Please be aware that we may be seeing more wildlife on campus than usual.  With their habitat being destroyed, wild animals may appear on campus searching for food, water and shelter. If seen, DO NOT go near the animal to touch or take photos since the majority are scared and may bite to protect themselves.  Please immediately contact security at 818 252-5250 or 818 252-5208, and they will call animal control to relocate the wildlife.


After a canyon fire, there is the potential for mudslides during the rainy season since there is no vegetation to help absorb the water from a strong rain fall.  While mudslides don’t pose an immediate threat to the Woodbury community, we are prepared to manage any situation that may arise and will communicate our response plan if needed.

Again, thank you for your support during these unforeseen circumstances.  If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Natalie Avalos, Vice President of Human Resources, at 818 252-5108.

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