Internship Success Story: School of Business Marketing Student Yana Petrosyan

As part of the Woodbury School of Business curriculum, all students earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree are required to complete an internship. The goal? Providing students with valuable opportunities to become acquainted with immersive professional experiences and environments related to their major.

Recently, School of Business Marketing student Yana Petrosyan successfully completed an internship with the Glendale Educational Foundation (GEF), a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the programs and projects offered by the Glendale Unified School District (GUSD). We caught up with Yana to learn more about her experience, how it led to a full-time position, and her advice for other students looking for an internship.

How did you find your internship with the Glendale Educational Foundation, and what interested you about the organization?

“I found the opportunity with the help of my professor and marketing advisor, Dr. Thuc-Doan Nguyen. I am so thankful to her for this opportunity, as it provided me with valuable knowledge pertaining to my chosen major.

“When I learned that GEF was working alongside the GUSD, I immediately became interested in the internship program because I was once a GUSD student myself. Contributing my academic knowledge and practical experience to benefiting public schools seemed to be an extremely rewarding responsibility.”

What was your role as an intern, and how did you apply what you learned in your classes to your position?

“My title as an intern was Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, and my duties included social media management across various platforms, communications with donors and business partners, graphic design, and occasional event planning with broadcasting. I am beyond honored to continue to work with GEF, as I was hired by the organization after completing my internship.

“The knowledge that I gathered from my classes helped me greatly during this experience. For instance, I knew how to create and cater messages to certain target audiences in order to receive interactions. I also applied my knowledge of research to this internship as I had to carry tasks which I had never done before. Due to the busy nature of non-profit organizations, working independently was a necessary factor.”

As a marketing student, how did your classes help to prepare you for your internship and your new position?

“I have taken various marketing courses at Woodbury University, and each of them has prepared me to enter the business world. They include Principles of Marketing, Digital Marketing, Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Pricing Strategies, and Market Research. There is at least one piece of knowledge from each of these classes that has helped me become the knowledgeable and developing professional who I am today. I cannot wait to see what the rest of my Woodbury Undergraduate experience will be like.”

What position do you now hold at GEF, and how does it feel to be hired by the company that you interned for?

“I have been hired as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. When the organization offered me the opportunity to work with them, I felt extremely happy and proud. This is because I was able to handle my responsibilities on a great level and would always strive to produce the best outcome of my work. I am so grateful for this opportunity and will continue to excel as an employee.”

What advice do you have for students who are looking for or starting internships?

“My advice is to choose an organization which is close to their interests in the business world. This is because when one’s interests match the work which they are doing, the desire of learning and expanding one’s knowledge becomes greater. Additionally, I would advise students to choose organizations which will optimize their practical knowledge of the subjects they are currently studying. Overall, internships are a great way to become familiar with how the business world operates in a functional sense, giving us a wider perspective that goes beyond theoretical approaches.”

The School of Business congratulates Yana on her new position!


Last Updated on February 16, 2023. 

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