Lecture: Inside Outside, Petra Blaisse

Join us for the first lecture in our Fall 2017 Lecture Series at our San Diego campus.

Inside Outside Lecture
Wednesday, September 6th 2017 at 6:30pm
San Diego Campus, 2212 Main St, San Diego, CA 92113

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Petra Blaisse

Woodbury University is pleased to have Petra Blaisse and Aura Luz Melis of Inside Outside to the San Diego Campus for a tour, workshop and lecture. On Monday September 4th we will begin with a bus tour with faculty, students, Petra and Aura exploring the border region between San Diego and Tijuana. On Tuesday, we will begin a two-day workshop with Petra and Aura demonstrating their unique methods and approach to design. We will end on Wednesday with a review of the work from the workshop, then a lecture presenting the international work of Inside Outside.

Inside Outside’s main interest lies in the creations of dynamic, site specific environments, both inside and outside with, preferably, a link between the two. Inter-disciplinary collaboration and clear communication is key. Developing in new directions, they contribute to projects to enforce and (constructively!) challenge the architecture and design directions within the given program and context.

Petra Blaisse started her career in 1978 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, in the Department of Applied Arts.1986 onwards, she worked as freelance exhibition designer and won distinction for her installations of architectural works. Gradually her focus shifted to the use of textiles, light and finishes in interior space and, at the same time, to the design of gardens and landscapes. In 1991, she founded Inside Outside. The studio worked in a multitude of creative areas, including textile, landscape and exhibition design. From 1999 Blaisse invited specialist of various disciplines to work with her and currently the team consists of about ten people of different professions and nationalities.

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