Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter talks Micro-Choices with Architect Magazine

Dean Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, FAIA, was invited to contribute an op-ed for Architect Magazine on the power of architects’ micro-choices. Ingalill’s piece discusses ideas of power and how designers can redirect contemporary narratives through the accumulation of small acts.

architect magazine: The Power of Micro Choices

As an architect and educator, Ingalill discusses how meaningful change is derived from within the architecture discipline. In her words, “As architects, we have the means to address the thorniest issues through our micro-actions. And therein lies much of our capacity for enabling change. How can we as architects craft a purposeful voice in the conversations— #MeToo, climate change, immigration, automation—confronting us now?”

Ingalill goes on to describe the ways in which designers and educators can begin to create change throughout the profession. Through classrooms, workplaces and buildings, she argues that the power to change the world for the better comes through cumulative effect.  Read the full article to discover Ingalill’s ideas on advocacy, micro choices and joy.

About Architect Magazine

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