In Pictures: The 55th Annual Fashion Show

On May 4, students from the Fashion Design program had their collections displayed as part of an annual runway show. This year’s show — Woodbury’s 55th — was known as ArchiTexture: Form / Fabric/ Fashion.

The theme explored the relationship between fashion and architecture and the ways in which architectural forms have influenced and inspired fashion design. To develop their collections, students studied the works of modern and post-modern architecture and explored the relationship between clothing and built structures. Through this design process, the runway fashions were stylistically imbued with an architectural influence, exploring three-dimensional form and textural sensibility that mimicked folds, waves, twists and spirals of architectural design.

In addition to honoring the work of Woodbury’s students, ArchiTexture also honored Mark Badgley and James Mischka, the creative force behind the Badgley Mischka label, with a lifetime achievement award. Several of Badgely Mischka’s newest looks were also shown as part of the show.

Views images from ArchiTexture (click or tap to view a larger image)
Photos by Donato Sardella Photography

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