Coding Earthquakes and the Science of Learning

Dr. Annie Chu, professor of mathematics, heads off to the American Geophysical Union Conference of 2016 in San Francisco to present her work “Computational Software to Fit Seismic Data Using Epidemic-Type Aftershock Sequence Models and Modeling Performance Comparisons.” Chu’s software analyzes earthquake data by implementing three different statistical models. While there are other computer programs that serve a similar purpose, Dr. Chu’s software is more stable, robust, and less likely to crash.

Dr. Rao Chekuri, professor of physics, gave a talk on the The Science of Learning, Storing, and Recalling: Neural and Electrical Circuitry at the Lilly International conference on “Evidence-Based Teaching & Learning.” He also presented a poster The mechanism of learning, memory and the development: A unified theory of learning at the International Mind, Brain and Education Society (IMBES) Conference, in Toronto, Canada. Both the presentations are based upon his ongoing work Toward Unified Learning and Teaching Systems.

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