Changing the Narrative in Business

Dr. Joan Marques, Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Management, served as the editor to a major reference work, currently in print at Routledge (Taylor & Francis) titled, The Routledge Companion to Management and Workplace Spirituality. The work provides readers with a broad, cutting-edge overview of the discipline of management spirituality and religion (MSR).

For this Routledge Companion, Dean Marques collaborated with 41 leading scholars and workforce coaches from six continents who shared their insights and research on important topics such as linking spirituality and religion, cultural influences on workplace spirituality, mindfulness, and managing spiritually-averse people. The volume also covers each of the major religions from both east and west, as well as leadership and spirituality, and issues related to linking spirituality to ethics, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility

Dean Marques recently published an article titled “Flawed Organizational Purpose? Changing the Narrative in Management Education and Practice” in “Development and Learning in Organizations,” a peer reviewed, Emerald journal that focuses on both the theory and practice of organizational development (OD) and learning. The article aims to challenge current and future organizational managers toward engaging in a process of reflecting on the purpose of their performance and the purpose of the organization they serve. The article further invites management educators and coaches to reflect on the emphasis of their training of those who will step into management positions.

Dean Marques was also featured in the 2019 issue of “Relatief!”, the communication magazine of Suriname. The interview entailed a reflection of her decades of working as a media and PR professional in Suriname prior to moving to the US, and her recently resumed collaborations with the Center for Communications and Public Relations (CCPR) in Suriname, for which she conducted a keynote presentation, participated in an expert panel discussion, and completed an online seminar in 2018.
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