Ariel Adams from aBlogtoWatch Shares his Experience with Luxury Brand Marketing class

Special Guest Ariel Adams, the owner of aBlogtoWatch, comes to the Woodbury University School of Business’s Luxury Brand Marketing class to speak to students about the business of luxury. Professor Bendoni opened the door to Luxury 4.0 with innovative speakers such as Mr. Adams to share their real-world insight about the luxury watch industry. There are only five top-watch bloggers in the world of luxury watches, and aBlogtoWatch is one of them with millions of watch enthusiasts visiting his publication each month.
Ariel introduced aBlogtoWatch to the class with the following: “We are a diverse and worldwide group of watch experts. aBlogtoWatch is the face of wrist-watch enthusiast publications on the internet. Since 2007, aBlogtoWatch has been educating and connecting watch lovers and buyers with the most exciting and novel watches of our times. A trade publication and a consumer resource, aBlogtoWatch, prides itself on connecting a diverse cross-section of society from all regions of the globe. Together the aBlogtoWatch audience members join their unique tastes, cultures, backgrounds, preferences, lifestyles, and histories from all walks of life with an appreciation of the wearable tool machines we call watches.​”
Professor Bendoni is currently working on research with Ariel Adams in the area of digital marketing and storytelling in Luxury. Here is a post highlighting some of their research, where they collected data from over 1,400 watch collectors and presented in Switzerland in December.
Read it here. 
About the class: The ‘Luxury Brand Marketing’ course will examine marketing strategies across multiple brand sectors with an emphasis on sustainability, digital marketing, globalization, and innovation. Throughout the course, we will explore what drives the new luxury business models, the global market, and marketing intelligence. Students will learn how luxury brands develop, secure, and maintain their desirable reputations. Students will gain insights and critical skills to make decisions about strategic business and how to approach luxury marketing from a global perspective.
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