Arid Lands Institute: Connect the Dots | Van Nuys

Woodbury University’s Arid Lands Institute invites the public to join them at the next Connect the Dots event in Van Nuys.

Reveal | Reimagine | Realize the future of Van Nuys Boulevard

Connect the Dots | Van Nuys invites citizens, cyclists, and designers to envision Van Nuys Boulevard as a climate-resilient Great Street, one that embraces multi-modal transit, working public space, and optimized storm water capture as integral to Los Angeles’ future.

Register here.

Connect the Dots uses hydrologic data, public design workshops, and citizen cyclist-scientists in distinctive ways to help shape our city’s transit, public space, and water future. Organized around a series of free public design workshops and pop-up bicycle clinics at the Marvin Braude SFV Constituent Services CenterConnect the Dots reimagines L.A.’s Great Streets performing at their fullest potential: serving as engaging public spaces; healthy, active transit corridors in lively economic zones; and strategic groundwater assets.

Find out details about the day’s events here.

Connect the Dots | Van Nuys is honored to be part of the Mayor Garcetti’s Great Streets Challenge and is led by the Arid Lands Institute in partnership with Pacoima Beautiful, and LA County Bicycle Coalition with support from Councilmember Nury Martinez, representing Council District 6.

For more information about participation, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, contact: Aja Bulla-Richards, CtD Creative Director at [email protected]

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