Architecture Students' Design Places in Top Three in South America

Woodbury architecture students Myint Tun and Eddie Ramirez’s B.Arch studio project From Villa to Neighborhood has placed in the top three projects in the 2017 Aroztegui ARQUISUR Competition. The project was completed with Valentina Herran Lehr and Denise Rivero, two architecture students from the University of Buenos Aires graduating in 2019.

The 2017 Aroztegui Arquisur Prize is awarded across all students in South America.  Submitted in the Urban Design category, From Villa to Neighborhood: Counterproposal to the Official Project for Villa 31 explores the social, political and spatial organization of the city through interstitial space and urban circulation.

The Arquisur Awards for undergraduate students brought together 46 Research and Extension Proposals and 112 Panels representing 18 Academic Unit members. The Villa to Neighborhood project is described by the following project description:

“The district arises from the social and the political, a product of the indifference of the city to the villa and different political actors. It does not have urban access, isolated and interrupted by various factors like train lines and highways. Connecting important points of the city, the villa houses inhabitants lodged under it in a fragile housing condition. Growing in height due to the housing deficit, it creates an independent community in a longitudinal area filled with streets and corridors. The urban proposal seeks the the formal and social integration of the villa to the city, creating spaces for free circulation, as well as culture, transportation and commerce. Threading into the city and diluting the social, political and economic boundaries, the design seeks to appropriate a scale derived from context. Exploring fluidity, as well as connecting the main axis of the villa, the project is created by generating a vacuum of congregation. As a dynamic space, it is an interstitial space that maintains height while generating its own variation of circulation.”

Cover image courtesy Myint Tun


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