Amy Converse on LA Based Films and Social Resistance

Amy Converse on What L.A.-Based Films Can Tell us About Social Resistance

Dr. Converse’s article “Los Angeles Utopias: Escape to LA,” is an important contribution to discussions surrounding equitable access to the city. Forthcoming in the January and March 2018 editions of East of Borneo Press, this extensive 5000-word text analyzes social histories of Los Angeles from the 1960s to the present through the lens of cinematic representation. Her article contrasts apocalyptic visions from Hollywood science fiction films with smaller stories from independent films set in marginalized neighborhoods. Using Rem Koolhaas’s theories of voluntary imprisonment, Los Angeles is considered as a potential archipelago of pirate utopias offering radical propositions for communities facing marginalization through gentrification. Stay tuned for links to the article.

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