ACS Exhibition Explores Digital Fabrication and New Media

Adjunct Faculty Biayna Bogosian recently worked with both applied computer science and architecture students to explore digital fabrication, mixed-reality and new media in the 2017-18 academic year. Bogosian’s student work was part of the spring 2018 Applied Computer Science Exhibition. The Applied Computer Science Program is a hybrid design and technology degree focusing on emerging digital practices by working with interactive environments, experiential design and human interaction.

Bogosian is an architect and interactive media designer researching perceptual and cognitive interaction design that highlight the relationship between environmental data and the built environment. Created as part of the spring exhibition, Expression Machine was a collaboration between Intro to Digital Fabrication students and Nikita Pashenkov’s Interactive Prototyping students. Expression Machine was created as a modular reactive installation and complex system of interlinked components. The design featured elements assembled and programmed by students to act in concert, creating a variety of engaging interactive expressions.


With a strong foundation in computer science, visual arts and critical thinking, Applied Computer Science students pursue creative projects using cutting-edge technologies. The Applied Computer Science and architecture programs represent a new and inclusive approach to real-world applications and skills.


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Feature Image: Expression Machine
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