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Jack Condon

Assistant Director, Recruiting & Outreach, Participating Adjunct

Jack Condon is the embodiment of a true entrepreneur.  He is a business owner, published author, producer, Guinness World Records holder, and lecturer.

A native of Boston Massachusetts, Condon set out to pursue a path in the corporate world of New York City.  At a young age he immediately found work for a manufacturing company.  Within one year, he was promoted and transferred to the Los Angeles area as an outside sales representative.  During this time, Condon also dedicated himself to his passion for collecting.  He ultimately turned this passion into the business of his dreams by way of his knowledgeable skills set and relentless determination.  He authored a book, co-produced a television film and eventually purchased a historical Hollywood memorabilia shop.

His perseverance did not stop there.  In 2009, after an unforeseen tragic fire to his business, Condon enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) earning an Associate Degree in economics in 2012, and transferring to California State University, Northridge (CSUN), receiving a Bachelor’s of Science, Management degree, in 2014.  His entrepreneurial approach to life as a student was recognized by LAVC, where he was approached to teach business courses.  In order to do so, Condon earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Woodbury University in 2017.  He continues to teach in the Business Administration Department at LAVC, along with being the director of the Entrepreneurship Center, which he created through a Strong Workforce grant in 2016.

In 2017, he began teaching at Woodbury University, imparting his wisdom to students and in 2018, became a participating adjunct along with being named Assistant Director, Recruiting & Outreach for the School of Business at Woodbury University.

Condon has undertaken risks, hardships, and successes all the while remaining earnest in every pursuit he has tackled.  This commitment in all of his endeavors makes Jack Condon a true entrepreneur.


Los Angeles Valley College, AA Economics
California State University, Northridge , BS Management
Woodbury University, MBA


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