Peer Mentoring

Academic Peer Mentors

Academically accomplished juniors or seniors in each major—assist other students in time management, study skills, and use of campus and community resources. They offer guidance and encouragement on a weekly basis throughout the semester.

Woodbury University recommends working with an academic peer mentor as it helps you get acclimated to college easily. Peer mentoring has also proven effective to improve study skills and grades, and reduce exam anxiety.

As an academic peer mentor you build interpersonal skills, boost your confidence, and gain important experience to add to your resume

Sign up to get a mentor!

Fill out the Academic Peer Mentor Request Form and submit to Evelyn Alfaro at [email protected],or fill out a form at the Whitten Student Center.

Want to meet the mentors?

click here for Mentor Bios

Become a mentor!

Are you a junior, senior or graduate and would like to help your peers
succeed academically? Contact mentor supervisor Evelyn Alfaro at [email protected].

Comment [NG1]: Can students choose a mentor? If so, I would mention that.

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