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Rebecca Devereaux

The Office of Student Development (OSD) provides academic support services for both students and faculty. We utilize an integrated approach among our team and the campus community of faculty, staff and students to help you find success here at Woodbury University.

APPOINTMENTS/INFORMATION: (818) 252-5232 [email protected]
Whitten Student Center on Woodbury’s Burbank campus.


Academic Counseling and Advising

Advisers support academic needs of students and faculty, including:

  • Helping students with schedule adjustments and graduation planning
  • Providing academic counseling and problem solving
  • Making referrals to campus resources as needed
  • Helping with course software (self-service/Moodle)

Trained peer tutors offer assistance in major courses and integrated general education courses. Woodbury’s Writing Center specifically provides writing assistance in person and online.

Academic Peer Mentors (APMs)

APMs meet weekly with students to provide encouragement and discuss problem solving, time management and study skills as needed.

Academic Success Workshops

Offering an academic “boost” to students of all abilities, these workshops include self-assessments, exploratory discussions about challenges, and proven strategies to help students reach new levels of academic success.

Students With Special Needs Services

These facilitate support and academic adjustments for students with documented mobility and non–mobility-based disabilities.


“Early Alert” Academic Refferal System

Faculty, staff and students are requested and reminded to alert the Office of Student Development when they observe students showing signs of academic need. Developmental meetings provide students with the opportunity to explore their challenges and develop strategies to recover and succeed within the semester.

Student Support Committee (SSC)

A team of student support professionals representing Counseling Services, Academic Support, Student Affairs, Residential Life and other services meets each week to strategize intervention and support measures for individual students exhibiting at-risk behaviors, academically or personally.

Academic Counseling for Students on Academic Probation

Upon review each semester, students whose term or cumulative grade-point average (GPA) has fallen below satisfactory level (2.0 for undergraduates, 3.0 for graduates) are required to meet with an OSD advisor or the assistant dean of academic support to determine specific modes of intervention necessary to raise their GPA to a satisfactory level.


Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)

Prior to starting classes, a campus-wide SOAR team provides students with an overview of their opportunities, expectations and resources as a Woodbury student.

PPDV 100 Transition to College (1 unit)

All freshmen enroll in this freshman seminar course, which provides connections to faculty, campus resources, higher-level academic performance, career connections and peer support.  PPDV 200 Transition to Woodbury (1 unit) also provides major-specific transition programming for transfer students in certain majors.

Freshman Peer Advisors (FPAs)

FPAs provide support for freshmen students in PPDV 100 courses through weekly contact, encouragement and support. Transfer Peer Advisors (TPAs) also provide support for PPDV 200 transfer students in certain majors.


International Peer Advisors (IPAs)

IPAs provide guidance for international students and plan social and cultural enrichment events for all students to experience together.

Career Development

Career counseling is provided to all students and alumni including job and internship searches, mock interviews, occupational resources, and resume/cover letter assistance.

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