Architecture Portfolio

Transfer Students


Submit your portfolio via the SlideRoom link below. A nominal fee will be charged by SlideRoom for this service. Full instructions are listed on the site. For general artwork, we recommend scanned images rather than photos for best resolution. URLs can also be submitted by uploading a PDF or document containing the link.


Transfer Applicants

Studio placement and transfer credits for architecture courses will be awarded based on portfolio evaluation. Submit 10-15 pieces of your best work including a range of coursework and/or personal projects. Submissions may be uploaded in multi-page PDFs, if necessary (10MB each).

Things to consider:

  1. Organize and label projects by course, sorted from earliest to most recent course taken.
  2. We need to see the specific work you did in each course.
  3. Don’t overemphasize hand drawing. Computer drafting/drawing is more important in determining transfer placements.
  4. Clearly identify group projects and identify the work you did in these group projects.
  5. Submit your portfolio early so that you can be considered for the Woodbury Prize.
Detailed Criteria
  1. Critical Thinking:
    • Written briefs gives access to the ideas developed in the project
    • Relationships between 2D, 3D and written text
    • Acknowledgement of precedents where applicable
  2. Design:
    • Understanding of circulation systems including stairways, ramps, and elevators
    • Response to context
  3. Building:
    • Evidence of a beginning of understanding of structure
    • Evidence of distinction among materials
    • Technically correct plans and sections
    • Indication of deferential wall and roof assemblies, enclosures, and openings
  4. Representation:
    • Range of media includes computer drawing, physical and digital models, and hand drawing (sketches/photographs). Familiarity with AutoCAD, 3DStudioMAX, Rhino or an equivalent software.
    • Written descriptions are clear and grammatically correct
  5. Professionalism:
    • Evidence that architecture responds to human issues
    • Overall quality of portfolio as a representation of educational achievements

For further questions about your portfolio and our admissions process, contact our admissions counselor, Justin Stadel at Justin.Stadel@woodbury.edu.

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