Woodbury Summer Academy Gives College-Bound High School Students an Opportunity to Explore

Want to spend a few weeks this summer exploring the fundamentals of filmmaking? Or maybe you’d like to program augmented reality experiences or examine the principles of architecture? Perhaps you’d rather spend some time discussing how to make the world a better place? For high school students entering their junior or senior year, it’s all possible at Woodbury’s High School Academy.

The High School Academy is a five-week, exploratory program from June 25 – July 27 where students have the opportunity to take a course, taught by Woodbury faculty, three days a week. Once completed, students come away with an extensive introduction to a discipline as well as either three lecture course credits or two studio credits that they can carry with them when they begin their higher education experience.

“The Academy gives these high school students the opportunity to explore something that they already have an interest in or maybe something that they have never studied before,” said Kelly Nittoli, assistant vice president for academic and community resources at Woodbury. “If they already know that it’s something that they want to study in college, then attending the Academy can provide them with a serious advantage. For instance, gaining a rudimentary understanding of the software programs used in architecture can be very helpful once a student enters into an architecture program in college.”

The program is also useful for students who are simply exploring their options. “Many students are happy for the experience even if they decide not to pursue the discipline in college,” Nittoli said. “They’re grateful to have had the opportunity to more fully explore something before committing to it.”

The five-week program is $250, including parking. Supplies and/or textbooks are an additional expense but typically do not exceed $100.  To learn more about the courses  being offered this summer, as well as other details about the High School Academy, visit woodbury.edu/hsacademy

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