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The Writing Center (TWC) Language–Thought–Synthesis

Since it opened in 2007, Woodbury University’s Writing Center tutors have helped thousands of students and completed more than 15,000 tutorials.

The Writing Center offers peer tutoring services at all stages of the writing process. Student writing tutors help students:

  • find ideas
  • refine thesis statements
  • organize thoughts
  • use correct documentation and format
  • understand the strengths and weaknesses of a draft, and
  • learn how to edit and proofread their own work.

The Writing Center offers students two kinds of tutorials:

  1. In-Person Tutorials

Visit the Writing Center and receive a half-hour one-on-one “coaching” session with a peer writing tutor. To schedule an in-person tutorial:

  • Use the in-person appointment scheduler found on the Writing Center’s portal page;
  • Call the Writing Center at (818) 252-5232; or
  • Drop by the Writing Center in person.

The Writing Center also does its best to serve walk-in appointments on a space-available basis.

2.Online Tutorials

Maybe you are working off campus or can’t find the time to visit the Writing Center. Maybe you just prefer working remotely. Send your writing project to the Writing Center using the online tutorial link at the Writing Center portal page and provide all the requested information. You will receive supportive feedbackfrom an online tutor within 24 hours.

The Writing Center
Whitten Student Center
Room W118
See the TWC portal page for hours
The TWC portal page


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