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Meet Los Angeles

Step off our main campus and you’ll find yourself in proximity to one of the most creative and ethnically diverse cities in the world.  Located at the northern base of Los Angeles, bordering Burbank, the campus is minutes away from a cross section of both creative industries offering opportunities in design, art, film, and entertainment, as well as downtown business enterprises.

As a key gateway to the California landscape, Los Angeles is geographically distinct because it’s right next to some of the most diverse topographies in the state. Whether it’s the desert oasis of Palm Springs, the redwoods of the Sequoia National Park, the boardwalk of Venice Beach or the cliffs of Malibu, Woodbury University is just a drive away from some of the most exquisite vistas California has to offer.

More importantly, Los Angeles is now home to the third biggest hub of startups in the world, making our city one of the centers of innovation for social impact, digital communication, technology, cultural events and future careers. Woodbury partners with a cross section of the city’s companies and firms for immersive learning opportunities, through both internships and civic engagement partnerships. L.A. is at the center of the creative economy and Woodbury takes advantage of everything that it has to offer.

WB Studios - Burbank

Meet Burbank

Woodbury’s main campus is on the border of Los Angeles, and Burbank which is home to many of the major entertainment studios. Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, NBC, Universal Studios, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, are just minutes away. You can participate in numerous TV show tapings for free, or explore the sets of your favorite movie and television shows on the backlots and soundstages of the iconic studios. You can hike in the surrounding Verdugo Mountains, and Hollywood Hills overlooking the Hollywood Sign. Adjacent to the city is picturesque Griffith Park where you can go horseback riding and visit the famous Griffith observatory. Burbank is also a few miles from Pasadena, home of the Rose Parade, and several other neighboring towns where you can enjoy museums, live theatre, concert and sports venues, vintage shops, parks, gardens, movies and more!


Meet San Diego

Woodbury School of Architecture San Diego occupies a renovated warehouse in San Diego’s Barrio Logan.  Sited between downtown and the naval shipyards, the campus is a center of cultural and architectural activity in a diverse neighborhood populated by families, artists, and community leaders.  The school works with, and learns from, its host community.  Education can no longer be disconnected from place.  As such, institutions have an obligation to serve not just their students but to act as stewards in the neighborhood.

Members of Woodbury School of architecture’s faculty have been instrumental in transforming San Diego into the most progressive housing laboratory in the United States by advancing new strategies to redefine housing, design, policy, and development.  Because the school is in proximity to the Tijuana border, its programs address issues of contested landscapes, identity, and politics.  Faculty and students play an active role in shaping the cultural and economic future of Barrio Logan through events, workshops, and outreach.

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