Wood Shop

San Diego Campus

Both campuses provide fully equipped fabrication shops with several processing and assembly stations to compliment working with wood, plastic and other common prototyping materials.


Analog Machines

Design projects may start in the sketch book but they, quite often, get realized in the Making Complex. The Shop is the center of the facility. It is a place to work through the physical implementations of a student’s design. The Shop is home to countless tools and workstations, all available for use with the aid and advice of our informed staff.

Table Saw

72″ wide table, 3″ max height, for rip cuts of sheet goods and lumber

Miter Saw

45 degree miter, 45 degree bevel, for chop cuts and mitered cuts

Crosscut Table Saw

45 degree miter, 60 degree bevel, for straight or angled cross cuts

Band Saw

16″ cut width, 12″ cut height, for curve cuts (1/4″ blade) or re-sawing/rip cuts (3/4″ blade)

Panel Saw

60″ max height, for rip cuts and cross cuts of sheet goods

Drill Press

Movable table and fence for accurately drilling

Drum Sander

20″ max width, Real wood only (no engineered wood or other) plywood, MDF, OSB…, for rough sanding flat panels

Planer / Joiner

Joiner 8″ max width, Planer 8″ max width, Lumber only, For creating precise stock with parallel sides and 90 deg edges

Disc Sander

For end grain sanding and small corner finishing

Edge Belt Sander

5″ belt height, for edge sanding


1/4″ to 1″ drilling, for drilling square holes


Spindle sizes: 1/4″-4″, for finishing interior curves


Hand Tools

Any tool that is not mounted to the ground may be loaned out. Students may use loaned tools anywhere within the Making Complex, whether it is within the Shop or even the courtyards. (exception: Clamps must stay inside the Shop at all times)

To request a tool loan, the student should find a staff member and provide them with a state ID. (WU ID not valid) The staff member will take your ID and provide the student with the requested tool and store their ID until that tool is returned.

The list of portable power tools and hand tools is too long to list but it encompasses close to anything that should ever be needed.


Assembly & Storage

The Wood Shop is for preparing material, cutting, drilling, and sanding the student’s parts, while the courtyard is for constructing.

Unfortunately, the Making Complex does not have enough room to allow students to store material or projects, so after each work session they must gather up their work and take it with them.

Operations Details

1. Completion of Wood Shop orientation.

The following link will send you to our Tutorials page, where one can refresh themselves on the proper usage of any and all machines.


All users of the shop must wear eye protection, have closed toed shoes on and not have on any draping garments or hair.


All users of the shop must be of sound psyche. They must be well rested and free of any mind altering substances. (ex. alcohol, cannabis, anxiolytics or anesthetics)


The Making Complex does not have the ability to store student material. After one’s work session, all material must be taken from the facility.


Facility staff are on site only to ensure a safe environment, advise users on technique and maintain machine calibration.

At the end of every work session all trash must be discarded. There is no cleaning service for the Making Complex so all upkeep must come from its users.

You can review the Wood Guide for machine specific rules and recommendations.