Visiting Faculty Program

Yasushi Ishida

Yasushi IshidaForm Work is the culmination of a yearlong design research project by Yasushi Ishida as the visiting faculty at Woodbury School of Architecture. Form Work was exhibited at the WUHO gallery in Hollywood in September 2016 showcasing the work produced during the 2015/16 academic year in collaboration with the students. The work consists of a series of experiments with flexible sheet formwork for concrete to create a variety of structures. Ishida aims to discover novel aesthetic potentials of the flexible sheet formwork technique and aspires to invent a design process that is informed by material behavior. Find Yasushi Ishida on Facebook and Instagram.

Courses Taught:

  • Fall 2015: Arch491 (Studio 5A), Arch 243 (Materials & Methods)
  • Spring 2016: Arch 491 (Studio 5A)
  • Fall 2016: Arch491 (Studio 5A), Arch 243 (Materials & Methods), Arch 544 (Building1)

Investigations into Flexible Sheet Formwork

See the work created by architecture students in the Spring 2016 Studio 5A. The studio was taught by Yasushi Ishida and had student do investigations into flexible sheet formwork.

Yasushi Ishida's Research Project

In his 15-week studio, Yasushi Ishida had 5th year undergraduate students investigate novel aesthetic potentials of flexible sheet formwork by first experimenting with various sheet materials (e.g. polypropylene, nylon, latex, Tyvek, PETG, etc.), texturing techniques (e.g. folding, crumpling, heat-forming, smocking, etc.) and casting a series of small scale plaster objects. Harvesting design concepts and construction methods from this exercise, students designed and constructed a total of 4 architectural installations on campus.

Muotaz Abbas
Jenan Al Sabbagh
Fahad Saud Aljomid
Sarah Bindekhayel
JC Franco
Daniel Ghattas
Bun Ben Ko
Prem Mehta
Roxana Perez
Cindy Rodriguez
Robert Ross
Alfredo Sanchez-Mendoza
Nguon Keat Tiv
Saif Turki
Paul Woo

Project Sponsors:
Barret Havens
Brian Wickersham
Colin Peeples
Faisal Alohali
Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter
John Winston
John Yoo
Kevin Kane
Mahdi Alibakhshian
Marc Neveu
Mike Wang
Naoko Miyano
Reg Prentice
Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products

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