12 Transfer Students TIPS

1. Be sure to chose the right community college!
2. Always meet with your college counselor and potential choice adviser
3. Cal State’s and UC’s do not have the same transferring units
4. Getting a AA or certificate of some sort is not always beneficial on your long term goal. It sometimes just means more time in school.
5. Financial Aid does have a limit; don’t use it all in a CC.
6. Cal grants are only good for 4-5 years depending on your major.
7. For those submitting portfolios, be sure to see an example of a advance portfolio. You don’t want to submit something that won’t place you where you ideally wanted.
8. Purchase an online storage (hard drive), they sell them by GB. You might think old school is better, but it really isn’t.
9. Wireless flash drives are amazing (less of a chance of losing them)!
10. Purchase two kinds of computers throughout your architectural education. Build your own desktop (spend a minimum of 2 grand) and purchase a laptop (pc or mac). You will need to switch back and forth from time to time. Tablets are useless to be honest. Computers necessities will kick in second year so start saving.
11. Once you get accepted, be sure not to miss out on Welcome Week. Information on JOBS, ORGANIZATIONS, and CLASSES will be held at the main quad.
12. Lastly, be sure to keep yourself updated with what the school has to offer. If you ever feel that something can be improved, bring it to ASWU (student government) and/or Anne Ehrlich, the Dean of Students.

Hope these quick guidance tips can help with your application process!! Feel free to comment and/or ask!