First Aid Station & Counseling Services

The offices of First Aid & Counseling Services offer first aid and wellness resources to Woodbury University students. The medical and counseling staff includes licensed professional practitioners.


First Aid Station

First Aid Services 

  • First Aid Services
  • Over-the-counter medication
  • Health insurance plan management

For additional information contact:

Shadi Louizadeh-Ahdoot
(818) 252-5238

Accessibility and Disability Services

Accessibility and Disability Services collaborates with students, faculty and staff to create a campus environment that is usable, equitable, sustainable and inclusive of all members of the campus community. The Disabilities Coordinator is available as a resource to find solutions and implement reasonable academic, physical, or technological accommodations including requests, documentation requirements, and testing.

For additional information contact:

Michelle Resnick
Disabilities Coordinator
(818) 394-3345

Counseling Services

The mission of the office of Counseling Services is to foster the well-being of all Woodbury University students with the belief that emotional health and wellness are conducive to academic success. When students are socially, emotionally and mentally healthy, they are able to learn, access their own unique creativity, and recognize and develop to their full potential.


  • Short-term individual, couple and/or family counseling
  • Workshops and presentations on a variety of topics
  • Support groups (organized around student interest)
  • Consultation with Woodbury faculty, staff, students and parents for help in understanding a student who is experiencing distress
  • Referrals to psychiatric and specialized mental health services


  • BBS (Board of Behavioral Sciences)
  • LMFT: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist