Campus Safety

Emergency Preparedness

Woodbury University is prepared to respond to all emergencies through its Emergency Response Plan, which incorporates an extensive team of professionals trained to deal with potential campus-wide emergencies and coordinate with local and state response agencies. In the event of an emergency, this team will be activated to address whatever contingencies may arise. Details regarding the Emergency Response Plan can be found of the University Portal.

Please remember that emergency preparedness is also an individual responsibility. All students, faculty and staff should become familiar with posted evacuation routes and participate actively in periodic emergency drills.

To report an emergency, call Campus Security at extension 208 or (818) 252-5208 OR call 911. State: “This is an emergency.” Be prepared to give the dispatcher:

  • Your location
  • The nature of your emergency
  • Phone number from which you are calling
  • Your name

Do not hang up until you are sure no further information is required.

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency …………………….        911

Campus Security ……………….             (818) 252-5208


Please refer to Woodbury University Portal for Procedures during emergencies

Notification of Violent Crimes

Students, faculty and staff are informed periodically about campus security procedures and useful crime prevention measures with University publications and special memos. Additionally, the University will issue timely warnings regarding incidents that may pose a substantial threat to members of the campus community. Notices will be posted and distributed on campus.

Student Right-To-Know Act

In accordance with the Campus Security/Student Right-to-Know Act, the University records and publishes campus crime statistics on a yearly basis. Student Affairs is available to address questions about the University’s security policies, crime statistics, or definitions of crimes.