Social Media Ambassadors Profile: Cristina and Jocelyn

Hey Woodbury U! You know our social media would not be so poppin’ without our Social Media Ambassador team! I am honored to be part of the team. I started being an SMA my freshman year, and I am reaching my two year anniversary this fall (yay!).  When I started, the program was also new too, and it was sort of a test run as well. With a good team, however, we made the program a success and boosted our traffic too!

I want to introduce you all to our newest SMA’s who are also my sorority sisters. Be sure to follow their official WU Twitter accounts too!

Cristina Coronel, 3rd year Marketing



Favorite WU Spot: Library Courtyard (especially during finals!)

Favorite WU Event: Woodstock

What surprises you about WU? The connections you get to have with staff and classmates. Whenever you need help with something there is always a variety of people willing to help you out.

How have you changed since being here? At the start I preferred to stay hidden away in my dorm, but once I began to get involved with sorority and other organizations that Woodbury has to offer, I began to take on leadership roles which has helped boost up my confidence both academically and personally.

Advice to incoming students? Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! It is scary at first, but trust me….it is totally worth it! You will meet some incredible friends along the way I promise!


Jocelyn Garcia, 2nd year INDS


Favorite WU Sport: My favorite spot is the Design Center!
Favorite WU Event: Woodstock was dope.
What surprises you about WU? How Woodbury actually helps students think more boldly, it helps mold us for the future.
How have you changed since being here? Joining multiple organizations have helped me grow in leadership skills much more than I would’ve thought.
Advice for incoming students? Advice? Well, STAY FOCUSED ON ACADEMICS! It’s the main reason that brought you here and the main reason that will help you succeed, but also, make sure you explore who you are as a person!