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The Seta Javor Student Scholarship Fund honors long-time Woodbury staff member, Seta Javor.

“Seta is Woodbury. She makes all students who come in contact with her feel very comfortable and at home. She’s always happy to help. She’s kind, sweet, cheerful
and most of all, empathetic.”

— Arthur Zenian ’02

“Seta is like the mother to all the students at Woodbury. For me, I had the great pleasure of working with Seta during President Steele’s transition, and that greatly helped with my role as student government president.”

— Jia Lin, '17
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A Woodbury education creates opportunities

Seta Javor
Seta Javor began her journey at Woodbury University in late 1990. She currently serves as Senior Executive Assistant in the Office of the President and as the Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Our students meet new people, develop new ideas, and explore new ways of thinking. These experiences help Woodbury students succeed—both while they are at the
university and far beyond. As an alum of Woodbury, you understand this more than anyone else does.

Higher education is an investment that our students make in their future. And, as we all know, it isn’t cheap. In fact, over 85% of our students rely on financial assistance, including scholarships, to help them obtain their life-changing degrees. You can partner with us in supporting our students by contributing to the Seta Javor Student Scholarship.

Seta has spent three decades at Woodbury, fully committed to student success. She has always taken a student-first approach and her nurturing ways have prompted countless students and alumni to give her the endearing title of ‘Woodbury Mom.’

While we already help many of our students with financial assistance, the need is still great. We want to help all of our students achieve their goals with as little financial burden as possible and your gift to the Seta Javor Student Scholarship will help us to make this possible. Any gift is greatly appreciated. No amount is too small.



“As a first-generation college student, I had a mixture of excitement and nervousness as I stepped onto campus for Freshmen Orientation. Seta was the first person
to greet me. Her smile was so big that I felt like I was approaching an old friend.”

— Ani Okkasian, '08

“Seta is simply the glue that connects the students, faculty and school all together.”

— Patricia Hajjar, '17
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